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Olivus was created 3 years ago.
The 1st year of our existence we created λαδιά (la-di-à) in bottles of 500ml. During this period we started differentiating olive oil’s varieties.
The 2nd year we completed this differentiation by creating la-di-a family with 3 extra virgin olive oils, all of them cold-pressed and obtained by mechanical means:
  • λαδιά (la-di-a) mono-variety megaritiki (yellow gold color, medium fruity)
  • λαδιά (la-di-a) mono-variety koroneiki (green-dark color, intense fruity, flavor spicy)
  • λαδιά (la-di-a) Premium mono-variety manaki (intense green color, medium fruity)
moreover, during the 3rd year of our presence we expanded our product range by creating olive oil with flavors:
We didn’t stop to the olive oil but we continued our efforts and plan by cultivating and harvesting herbs:

2014 is a milestone for the company, as except for olive oil and herbs, we decided to imbottled for the first time wine by the finest vineyards of central Greece. During the previous years we were cultivating our own vineyards and we were providing the must to various merchants. Our experience as well as our daily communication with the people, led us to the decision of doing something more on our own. Therefore, the time has come so as to create Olivus white and red wine. Our main and constant concern is to fulfill society’s expectations, therefore in this way, by inserting wine into Olivus family products we continue our long term plans and efforts.