Our Mission

Our ancestors cultivating their land with sustainable methods for more than 150 years, have offered us not only the terrains but also the experience which have both been the incentive for us, so as to continue and to expand this, by producing our products through the family company Olivus which has been established in 2012.
Olivus mission is to provide to the society its organic non processed products by using the old traditional methods and introducing the innovation, where needed, always taking into consideration the impact zero to the environment as well as the natural features of its organic products.

Our Vision

What we would like to achieve over time is to broaden our product range, to improve the harvest methods so as to to preserve the maximum quality of our products, to expand the land we cultivate as well as to protect our terrains by using natural methods environmental friendly.
Olivus vision is the creation of an international network through which our products will be
Known and consumed worldwide.